Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Christmas Eve in the Peru CCM (MTC)

March 21, 2012

Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even though I am not getting very much mail I got a few emails!!!!!! Thanks so much! I bawl every time we email!!!! It is pretty crazy how words on a screen can make your day so much better!!!! But thanks I am sorry I can´t email everyone back!!!! Well this weeks things have changed a lot!!!! My Latina companion Hermana Chancay is now in Mexico preaching and teaching... Well right now she is probably having personal study time but this afternoon I am sure she will teach a couple of lessons!!! How crazy is that???? They just throw you into the work because with the Lord you cannot fail!!!! (Sorry i don´t have a direct reference it is in D&C somewhere)
I can't believe that three weeks have gone by! I fell like I have only been here a little while... Every night we have fruit time but two nights ago instead of brown bananas, sour oranges and bruised apples we got cake AND pop!!!!! I was in heaven!!! But I wish I could have taken a picture of these cakes... They were so intense!!! They looked like they could have been beds for a small child!!! They were about six to seven inches high and they were three feet by two feet. They were massive!!!! It was cool that the CCM did something nice for the departing missionaries.
But today things are quiet and it is like a ghost town here. This morning we only had a couple of girls in the bathroom... (I never knew how good I had it back at home with a bathroom all to myself). But we found a note that Hermana Collazos left me and Hermana Smith and it said, "Hermana Smith and Hermana Wuets, I love you and will not forget yous." I was so surprised when I read my name spelt out the way. I didn´t think that my name would be that hard to pronounce but it is. Come on people!!!!!! Welch has the EXACT same vowel sounds in English as it does in Spanish.... I guess I will never know. We got new schedules today and it says advanced on the top.... That makes my stomach sink thinking that in three more weeks we are going to be in the real world. But Hermana Smiths reaction was perfect... "Oh my heck!!! We're ADVANCED??????" -_____- already?
Some pretty exciting things are coming up...
#1 General Conference is right around the corner and ...
It was Christmas Eve in the MTC last night our whole district was sooooo excited!!!!! President Cardon also came into our class today and asked if we wanted pizza or MacDonalds!!!!! Can you believe it?? Real Americanish food, I can hardly wait. But why we are so excited about General Conference is kind of hard to explain. First, all of the North Americans are together in the Chapel and all the Latinos are in the Auditorium. Which means all ENGLISH!!!! And back at home General conference is kind of exciting... But in the field it is better than your birthday... Wait General Conference IS your birthday!
It is funny what we enjoy here, we love our Personal Study time which is for one glorious hour!!!!! At Provo I remember thinking Personal study time is ONE FLIPPING HOUR??? I should be learning Spanish all day, every day... But now it is THE best hour of the whole day. Another thing we all enjoy is getting Hermana Boza (My favorite teacher, aka my favorite person in Lima) to play Mormon Messages during our lessons. So basically we have all turned into weirdos. But I don't mind it very much.
Well mail is very slow here. I have only gotten one Dear Elder form Brother Royal and a letter from Amy Nash. Mom and dad both sent me a dear elder but the date was 3-5-12.... Peru.... I'm gonna kill ya!!!!!
Love Hermana Welch #1

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  1. Jessica (Hermana Wuets) Don't bother answering me. Just keep up your great emails. I have bookmarked you and will keep following. Love, Uncle Glen