Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter from Hermana Welch!!!

Time to say good by to my amigos in the Peru CCM
Hey Family!
So this whole p-day I had to go to immigrations. Only the missionaries that are serving in Peru have to do this now, so I had to go with my companion. This is probably the sketchiest thing we all have done yet! I woke up early this morning and had to leave at 6:30. We drove for an hour and a half... (In America we would have been there in thirty minutes, but people don´t know how to drive down here, you have to honk before you change lanes, people don´t use their blinkers here and the buses weave in and out traffic trying to cram more people on the bus.) When we got there none of us had our passports and we had to wait for this lady to come and give them to us. She didn´t come for thirty minutes and our driver took off so we were at immigrations alone for about a good forty minutes. That was kind of scary!!!!!
But driving to immigrations was pretty interesting. Here the parts of the city just merge into one. You will be in a really nice part of town and then you turn a corner and you see the poorest conditions you could imagine. Everything here has about a inch of dust and dirt on top of everything so even the nice government buildings look old and dirty. It never rains here so nothing ever gets cleaned naturally either. You know you are in a rich part of town when the tops of fences have electric wire on the top vs. the broken glass that has been plastered on top of every wall surrounding the more poor parts of town. Needless to say things are different here.
I should have watched Nacho Libre right before I left for the MTC. The culture depicted in the movie is spot on. I have seen probably 50 carts just like the one Nacho drives in the movie. Only they are filled with trash or dirty fruit and vegetables that people are tying to sell instead of the Lord´s chips. All of the cars have pictures of the most Catholic-looking Savior hanging from their review mirror. These picture are always bordered with gold fringe and sometimes (mostly taxis) have the dashboard covered with red velvet lined with gold fringe as well. It is pretty comical!
Another thing that is different here is most of the girls wear their young women´s medallions every day. I didn´t bring mine because no one wears them at home. All of the sisters really think that it is a huge deal! It is crazy to think how long ago I got my medallion, I don´t think I have worn it for six years! Another thing that is funny is both of my companions' favorite singers are the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Demi Lavato. I think they watch Disney Channel and nothing else. Taylor would be in hog heaven!!!
I finally got some pictures in the mail!!!! And I can´t stop looking at them! Yesterday during personal study time I looked at them for 15 minutes and I didn´t even realize it!!!! I find it funny how much I like to look at them! I showed my companions and they both fell in love with Bradley, (I told them both he was married but they didn´t care) I was looking at them another time and my teachers wanted to see them so I handed them over and after a while they asked if mom was my sister!!!!! I said no and they said oh well her hair is so blond and her teeth look perfect. Then they turned to the next picture which was of Dad dressed in a chef´s hat for Halloween and me beside him as a vampire and they said, "Su novio?" (Your boyfriend?) Uhhhhhhhhh I told them, "No, that's my dad and they didn´t believe me!!!! But I could tell that they were a little embarrassed. I think that the nice teeth throws them off, they have a hard time telling white peoples' age. Pretty funny!
Well my time is running out but I am excited to finally get out there to the mission field! And actually learn Spanish! Time is going to fly even faster in the field! I am excited but really really reeaally nervous! I know that the Lord will bless me and I know that I can do this with his help!!!!!! I love you all and miss you so much!!!
Love Hermana Welch #1

P.S. could you believe that the MTC choir got to sing in General conference... talk about a rip off I could have totally done that!
P.S.S.S. I could have also have met David Archuletta....... -____- Haha

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