Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Freshman at BYU-Idaho!

This semester is finally coming to a close!!! I can't believe that i have made it this far. I go back to Vegas in about a week. Packing my things up really is bitter sweet. The one thing I am nervous about is not seeing some friends of mine ever again. College is crazy, you meet so many amazing (and not so amazing) people and they only cross our paths for a little bit of time. It is amazing how little moments have really made my first year so wonderful here in Idaho.

The first picture is of Tevi and I, she was my room-mate during winter semester. This was taken the night before I left for Las Vegas. We both were worried that she wouldn't be able to stay for Spring Semester. I was really sad that night. But she came back for Spring! Hallelujah!

This picture is of Susie George!
It is a crazy story of how we met. I found out that she was from Wyoming, Cody none the less! (Cody is where I was born and lived till I was seven) So we really hit things off and we did everything together (until she got a boyfriend, that was a sad day for me! Even though Dan is a great guy!) But back to Susie, I called my mom explaining how I met this awesome girlie from Wyoming and it turns out that her mom was my mom's bridesmaid! So we go wayyyyy back!

The picture on the right was taken for the tenth anniversary of BYU-Idaho, since it was originally Ricks college. I am in the U of BYU-Idaho. The picture on the left
is of Whitney and I she is another Wyoming native and she is a de
ar friend of mine.

is last picture is of Sydney (my current room-mate) and I at the drive in movie! She is sweet, wonderful and beautiful! I am going to miss her!

I hope this was entertaining, and you enjoyed my pictures. This was my first post ever (complete with pictures!) I choose the And So It Goes title(A really really good song from Billy Joel) because no matter how simple or mediocre our lives are we can still make the journey enjoyable. I am looking forward to many good times to come in the next few years!


  1. I am Very Very excited to keep up with your blog! I love when you tell stories and since you will not be here to tell them to me im excited that ill at least be able to read them! Love ya!!!

  2. Hey you, I found your blog! You didn't even tell me you started it! But luckily when I clicked on your name, I found it. :) Its so cute! I totally agree with you about the bittersweet-ness of leaving college for break.... It was so hard for me packing up and saying goodbye to my roommates. But it is also really nice being at home. I hope we can do something before I go back in August!

  3. Sorry I didn't tell you Amy! Yours is so good and I wanted to have a couple of posts under my belt before I really told people about it! I am glad you like it though!