Friday, March 4, 2011

Embarrasing Moments

Wow I have really been lazy with my blogging!!! But things are going really well for me at school right now. I just thought I would share some embarrassing moments that have happened to me this semester.

This story isn't too embarrassing but it shows how much of a dork I am! I was at a basket ball game cheering on some boys who are in my ward and I had to go to the bathroom so at half time I went to the bathroom with some of my friends who were there. When we got into the bathroom I was washing my hands and everyone had left the bathroom already, I noticed my friend Kandace was at the sink washing her hands too. I walked over to her and put my arm around her and said "Kandace, I will wait for you." I look in the mirror and it's NOT KANDACE!!!!! I was so embarrassed!!! I didn't even look like her, I don't know how I could have made that big of a mistake, but she was a nice person. She said it was okay and I practically ran out of the bathroom. I survived and we took this picture after the game touching the game ball!!!

My next embarrassing moment was so mortifying I don't even know why I am writing it on the internet!!! But here it goes. I was in relief society and was just reading over my Sunday School lesson before church started. (We have Relief Society first then Sunday School then Sacrament) Kylee our Relief Society president stood up and announced the opening song and assigned the prayer and all that jazz. After the song I was going to put my things away but my pencil rolled off my desk. The desk I was sitting in was a table top with the chair connected. The pencil rolled off on the right side of the desk, so when I reached over to grab my pencil I couldn't touch the ground because of the table top. I leaned over a little further and my desk FELL OVER!!!! Right int he middle of Relief Society!!! I went down silently, I thought that if I went down without a scream I wouldn't attract that much attention. But I was wrong, people were just more confused and thought that I passed out. I couldn't believe it. There I am in a skirt and high heels on the ground, but the worst part was I was stuck. My arm was pinned underneath the desk and the weight of my body wouldn't allow me to lift myself up on my own. So I just laid there probably for a good 15 to 20 seconds until someone helped me up out of the desk. I came out unscathed with the exception of a huge bruise on my arm, but my pride took a real beating. This is the story of my life though. I have fallen over seven times this semester and one of those times was caught on camera! Hopefully I will be able to laugh at myself every time!


  1. JESS!! YOU ARE HILARIOUS! I love your stories! I'm sorry you have had some unfortunate incidents recently, but don't worry, I embarrass myself all the time! Its totally normal. Or maybe not, but at least you are not alone.

    The desk story... it was too much... SO funny! I hope your bruise and your pride have healed! You need to blog more often, you are awesome! And write me an email pronto girl! I'll hitchhike to Rexburg and force it outta you if I have to!

  2. I am so happy to have made it in your blog! ;)