Saturday, May 21, 2011

Midnight 5K Mistake

This is Ramon....
This is Colby
They both run, a lot!
This is me...
I never... ever... run
Colby decided he was going to run with me during the race and Ramon decided
he was going to at least come in fifth place.
This is the difference between me and the rest of the world.
My goal is to not die, and his is to win....
Man I need to change my attitude! Ramon is on the left and Colby is on the right.
And that's me in the middle... In case you didn't know....

I don't know how I got dragged into it, but I finished the race
without passing out or throwing up... So that was pretty dang good!...Words of Wisdom...
Don't run midnight 5k's (or any 5k for that matter)
if you don't like to run

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