Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Have A Wonderful Life Stranger!

Once again this is another post of how incredibly dumb I am... But alas... Story of my life! So here it goes, no judging please:)

Well to start off I was sitting at my kitchen table complaining about the dark circles underneath my eyes (Which never, ever go away!!!) When suddenly my friend Colby handed me the phone explaining that his mother is a Mary Kay lady. So I talk to this nice woman whom I have never met before and she gets me to buy a product which supposedly removes (I repeat) REMOVES dark circles.

A couple days later I receive my package (This woman is prompt! And she is only two clients away from a pink car! How cool is that?) So I open up my package to find this note, with candy and a whole bunch of samples that I didn't ask for! She is so nice!

I see her business card in the box and I just wanted to say thanks for being an over-the-top woman! So I decide to text her saying thank-you. This is what I said...

Hey Sister Grey! This is Jessica Welch (your favorite client/ Colby's friend). I just got the package, and everything looks good I am going to use the products tonight, can't wait!

I get a reply right away saying...

Hi there. I think you texted the wrong number. This is a 720 prefix if that helps. I see yours is 702.

Suddenly I feel like a complete and utter idiot! I couldn't believe that I texted the wrong person.... GOSH! But, nevertheless.... I pressed on replying back...

I meant to text a Colorado number. Darn! Sorry to bother you:)


That is Colorado but I don't think it's me you meant to text to. :-)

A smiley face with a nose!!! I couldn't just let this nice person walk out my life without wishing them the best... So I replied...

Okay thanks! Have a wonderful life stranger!

As soon as I pressed send, I regretted it....
Who says have a wonderful life stranger... Only creepers and old people. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!! Why couldn't I have just said, sorry to bother you thanks. Or I could have not replied at all!!!! If someone happens to text you by mistake just be nice and if they say, "Have a wonderful life stranger" text them back saying "You too!" Then they won't feel so lame.

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  1. haha I think its funny! I would have thought it was funny if someone had texted that to me, not creepy!! :)