Monday, June 6, 2011


No no, I didn't get engaged (unfortunately). But my roommate did! Sweet little Susie George and Daniel Johnson are finally tying the knot! I am so stinking happy for them! I got home on Saturday evening from the drive-in movie and told everyone about my a-mazing night and then Susie was sitting on the couch with a blanket over her.... (And it wasn't even that cold now that I think about it... she was acting pretty funny) But she finally told us that she was engaged and showed us her ring... which is beautiful!!!!

I am just so happy for her!!! (Did I say that already?) I was contemplating while I was sitting in sacrament meeting about how much I love college... Everyone's lives are changing so much within just a few years. You are meeting people at crucial turning points and you get to see what path they will choose to follow. It is so amazing to see everyone grow and progress on a day to day basis. I love it here and sometimes I wish that I lived here permanently, but then I just remind myself about the three month long summer and the nine month long winters. Las Vegas isn't too shabby when you put it that way.

College is really scary sometimes, it is loaded with late night study sessions, eating the weirdest meals you can think of and big decisions that will change your life forever. College has it's ups too though, you meet amazing people everyday, or overdosing on ice cream with your roommates and watching Pride and Prejudice wishing that Mr. Darcy will come along and sweep you off your feet.... Or it could be something like screaming at two o'clock in the morning after your roommate announces that she is finally engaged. I love it here and I never wanna leave!


  1. I know what you mean. I love it here too. It is a great place. It crazy to see people change their lives and even crazier when yours starts changeing also.

  2. WOoo congrats to your roommate! I had a roommate get engaged last semester but it wasn't that exciting because they were the most awkward people ever.

    I love your commentary on college life!! You always sum it up so nicely. I'm excited to jump back into it next week!

    PS Your blog isn't ugly it is super cute. Nay, HOT.

  3. ahh how wonderful for your roommate! Thanks Jess!