Sunday, August 14, 2011

A New Chapter

Well friends it has been awhile.... But things are good and I have a good life.
I just wanted to post that I am so grateful for everyday that comes my way:)

I have been super sad about being off track in the fall and not being with my friends, but I get to spend time with my family and grow in ways that I can't when I am in school. I get to take a break from the whole dating scene and just be me for a while. (I can't tell you how good that feels.) I don't have to worry about making sure that my roommates are getting along. I don't have to worry about homework and grades. I can be carefree and go my own way.

I am staying with my aunt and uncle in Cody, Wyoming. A place that is near and dear
to my heart. I was born here and I just love the atmosphere. I love main street and how busy it is in the summer with tourists and wannabe cowgirls just like me:)

This is what Wyoming looks like. It is so beautiful here.

I have been thinking about dating and it is always the first question that comes up in family gatherings. "So Jess, how is school.... are you dating anyone?" It is almost inevitable. My reply for as long as I can remember has always been no... I haven't come to that chapter in my life yet. But I am waiting patiently and sometimes not so patiently.

Sorry this blog was random, but I have got to get somethings on my mind:) Just had to get it out, ya know?

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  1. I totally understand. I love being in college with all my heart, but it's so nice to get a break from college life sometimes too. :)