Sunday, October 2, 2011

Can't Sleep

You know when you are laying in bed and your body is sinking into the mattress getting all comfortable but your mind isn't tired yet? Well there I was laying there and I turn to my bedside table and see my alarm clock glowing in the darkness and I have been lying here for forty-five minutes NOT SLEEPING. So I readjust and still not sleeping so I decided to blog.

...I was just thinking about the things that I am afraid of...
1. I can't sleep with one foot hanging off of my bed
2. Mayonnaise
3. Mustard
4. Not getting married
5. Going on a mission
6. Not going on a mission
7. Loosing my scriptures
8. Who will I live with when I go back to school?
9. Patients yelling at me at the office for something that I didn't do
10. Bees
11. Spiders
12. Dark allies
13. Running out of gas in my Mini Cooper
14. Not having my debit card work
15. My computer breaking
16. What if I my husband is picky about his laundry, and I shrink his favorite shirt?
17. Shrinking my Keith Urban shirt
18. Ingrown toenails
19. Getting really fat (that one always makes me laugh at myself)
20. What if I kill my Bonsai Tree

Well that's about it..... Night!


  1. Ah Jessica I love you. I do recall your fear of mayo from food and nutrition, which is understandable, even though I usually like my sandwiches to drip with mayo (please don't gag after reading that sentence).... And I think it is funny that you have given thought to doing your husband's laundry... haha! You're my fav

  2. I have missed your blog posts so much! I love your list of fears :)

  3. It has been so long!! I love your list.... I love your tree fear! Keep writing, you write so well!