Thursday, December 8, 2011


So I guess you could say that I am addicted to a few things in my life.

Lets use ice cream for an example.

I don’t thing that I have ever turned that heavenly mixture down.

I always accept those calories whenever they are offered to me.

I am also addicted to cracking my knuckles.

I think I have done that at least once a day since the fifth grade.

Ever since Dillon McNamara showed me how much cooler I could be.

(I know that is totally revolting to some people,

but I thoroughly enjoy a good knuckle cracking every now and then.)

I would say that I am addicted to Facebook.

I have checked my account three times today only to find that

I have no new notifications and I just keep looking at the same status updates of

people that I probably should have un-friended years ago.

But this Tuesday I realized that one of my addictions was a problem.

I am addicted to Makeup….BIG TIME!


I finished doing my hair for work I found myself first wondering

where my box of makeup was. I started looking around in my room and after

a couple of minutes to no avail, I looked at the clock it was



was fast approaching and I started freaking out thinking that

I have absolutely no concealer, mascara or foundation on for work,

that was when I really

freaked out!!!

I tore my room apart looking for it!

I ripped everything out of the cupboard beneath my bathroom sink

still not finding my makeup. I dumped out my suitcase and

started feeling my eyes well up with tears,

thinking I look hideous.

What if someone sees my face?!!?


I ripped my phone out of it’s charger about to call Kylee

and see if I left my make up in Rexburg.

When I suddenly realized that my make up was down stairs.

I ran downstairs and found it exactly where I had left it and

felt a rush of calm come over me when I realized that I was not

about to go out into the world without make up on.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha! I think every girl has gone through this scenario! wearing makeup just makes you feel safe somehow.. I ventured out to an 8 am class this week with only foundation on (no mascara) because I knew I'd come home and go back to bed after... I still was kind of freaking out.

    But for the record: you are GORGEOUS without makeup and that is coming from someone who knows it fo sho. :)