Monday, January 9, 2012

Here's Zzzz Thing

My brother Nick recently left for college this past week…. and I miss him. It wouldn’t have been that big of a deal because we have been separated before. He has gone on a mission and I have been at school alone. But the problem is, he is at school without me.

I am really having separation issues. Big time!!! Ever since he got accepted I have been thinking about how cool it would be to have my big brother up in Idaho with me. We even took a trip up to Rexburg to check out his apartment. We both were getting pretty stoked!

But I got my mission call. After the excitement of my call died down, I looked over at Nick and he looked so sad. I felt bad! I didn’t feel bad like I was abandoning him, I felt bad because we both had this idea of “Idaho togetherness” fixed in our minds.

It stinks being here while he is there. Especially the part where I have to be brave and go to the singles ward ALL ALONE! ….alone…alone…alone…alone….

But I think what I miss the most, is my memory foam mattress pad I had to surrender to Nick when he left. What happened was………

I woke up to my mom walking into my room at 6:00 saying, “Jess, Nick is leaving you want to say goodbye?” And before I could even get out of bed she was ripping the sheets off. I thought man Nick must be leaving right now. Then I noticed she was taking the mattress pad off of my bed. I almost started to cry (keep in mind I was still groggy and not all there, which explains the tender emotions).

So Nick I hope you are sleeping well on MY mattress pad and having fun in Rexburg without me…


  1. I would totally go to the singles ward with you!

  2. you crack me up! hahaha! I am literally laughing out loud :)