Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Charades World Champion!

March 7, 2012

Well hey!!!!!
I can´t print out emails so I couldn´t read Brother Royals email all the way... Please let him know that I really appreciate all the mail I just wish I could have time to read and reply within these thirty minutes.... -____-
Well my companions and I are getting along really well.... The language barrier is still a struggle but that will pass... In about six months so I am not worrying about it. (Well I am trying not to worry about it). My native companion reminds me of a mouse, she is so little!!!! She has a little pointed nose and ears that kind of stick out. Her teeth are formed like she has been sucking her thumb. (She is pretty I know my description of her sounds awful but she is really nice even though I don´t know what she is saying.) She is 27 years old and I still don´t know why she is here on a mission. It has got to be an even bigger decision when you are that much older.
The food here is good, but if it was in a line at the cafeteria at Provo, I would always choose something safe..... Like a burger and french fries. Elder Lowry in my district put it perfectly. He walks up to the glass and says "nope!" Everyone in our district is getting sick!!!! The change in the food is really taking a tole on us. But President Cardon said that almost all the Americans go through this... Let me make a list of what all of us go through down here in Peru!
1- Diarrhea
2- The worst hair days.... ever!
3- No sleep at all.
4- Bug bites
5- The most intense game of Charades in the world.
1 All I am going to say about number one is the community bathroom isn´t ideal.....
2 If you have had a bad hair day.... Just picture this... Every bad hair day that you should have had has come back to haunt you!!!! My hair is either extremely huge and frizzy, or so flat that it looks like I am Severus Snape´s sister -____-
3 The birds here are really loud and they usually start screaming around 5:00 A.M..... they have these pigeons/doves here and they call them Palomas. Pigeons in America just crow softly on the roofs of our houses or bother us a Chipotle. Here they constantly crow at the top of their lungs... It is pretty amazing how loud they are here.
4 One of the first words I learned here was "Hormigas"..... Ants are everywhere and I mean everywhere. We are not allowed to eat in our rooms because of the ants. When we study outside they crawl all over the planters that we sit on. As you sit there and study it feels like they are crawling all over you... But they are not, I just get freaked out about it.
5 Another thing we all go through is the most intense game of Charades.... ever!!!!! Many of our companions don´t know any English, and we have the vocabulary of a one year old baby.... so we use a lot of sign language. After we finally translate one thought we are too tired to translate/ play another round of charades again.... When I get home, I will be the Charades world champion... But hopefully I will have learned Spanish by then...
All the Latinos here are so friendly... They all say hi in the hallway and they remember my name which is crazy.... By the way my name here is Hermana Welk, or Bels... They have a hard time with it... But for some reason one of the Elders here was singing a Justin Bieber´s song before gym. He kept saying "baby baby baby ohhh yeah..." over and over and over, so I stupidly thought it would be wise to sing some of the lyrics to show him that I knew what song he was singing... that was a huge mistake... Now many of the Latino´s sing "baby baby baby ohhhh yeah" to me in the hall ways..... Not good.... I don´t think they know what they are singing, but I really like Justin Bieber so I don´t mind it that much ;)
Still waiting on a letter from home and I am learning so much here. Today we studied common questions investigators have and the first part of Alma 10 which is about Amulek´s conversion. Our teacher took Hermana Smith and I into another room and we talked all in Spanish and I understood everything my teacher said... The spirit really works in crazy ways... And I am so glad that the spirit speaks in Spanish as well as English!!!! I am understanding more and more and more.... I know I can do this... The Lord has blessed me in so many ways I don´t know how I will ever be able to pay him back.... But I am supposed to be here and I am so glad that I have made the decision to come.
Love Hermana Welch #1
P.S. I get to go to the Temple today!!!!!! Woop Woop!!!!

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