Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No Habla Espanol!

February 29, 2012

Well, here I am in the Peru MTC or CCM and it is really nice here!!! But one thing that I know for sure is I don't know Spanish!!!!!!! Pero, esta bien ;) And this keyboard is really really weird!!! My companion, (or at least I think she is my companion) is really really nice. I can't say her name and I think the only thing we have successfully communicated together is Cuantos tiennes aƱos.... She is 22 and I am 21... The language barrier a bit of a struggle but we are doing okay. Every time we say adios she gives me a kiss on the cheek which is really really weird!!!! But whatever she laughs whenever I try to speak Spanish and I just stare with my mouth hanging open trying to understand her.
Well The plane ride to Atlanta was uneventful but it was so nice to get to talk to you for practically an HOUR!!!!! When we got into the Atlanta air port is was so hot and muggy and we had to walk for-ev-er to get to our gate! Then I had one more phone call and as soon as I hung up the phone I felt like I had eaten too much red meat............................................................................................................................................................ I was about to ralph in the airport I was so nervous. I had to calm my self down, but when they started announcing what zones were boarding on the plane in Spanish I thought to myself, "THIS IS STILL AMERICA PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!" But I guess I should get use to it. When we boarded the plane we were fish out of water from the start. Everyone was 5'3/ 5'4 with dark hair and here we come marching on the plane with our black name tags. I don´t think we have ever gotten so many double takes in our life!!!! We had a meal on the plane which was exciting and on the beginning of the flight they passed out headphones!!!!!! I wanted to watch a movie sooooo bad!!!! But my hermanas and I just talked until the last movie, Hermana Boyce narrated the whole thing because it was one of her favorites.
We got into the Peru Airport and went through customs and then we met up with some members and missionaries who were picking us up. Everyone kept offering me a cart to push my luggage in but I didn't want one. One guy even walked along side me and kept saying "Here, you want?" I said no thanks and then he kept walking along side me saying "Esta bien" I wanted to say "NO esta bien!!!! Go away!" But he left soon enough when he saw the three elders behind me. We waiting in the airport until 2:00. It was fun trying to speak to the members. Some elders were talking to a guy from Peru and he is a preacher. He kept wanting pictures with us and then towards the end of our conversation he motioned to me and said something in spanish to one of the elders. He then put his arm around me and was posing for a picture, just me and this Peruvian and then one of the members came up to him and said very bluntly "NO TOCA!!! NO TOCA LA HERMANA" It was so funny but he didn't understand why. After he removed his arm he kept saying "Mas, mas" Then after about 6 pictures the elder ignored his "mas mas" and handed the camera back to him....
When we were driving in the rickety old bus to the MTC I realized that Peru isn't like America... The streets are dirty and there is graffiti everywhere, there are creepy people wanting your pictures and there is NO ENGLISH!!!! I was expecting the same "dirty" look for the MTC but to my surprise they opened the big gate and we entered a clean little MTC. This MTC is much nicer than the one in Provo, 1. because it is new and 2. it isn't freezing here so the gardens are really nice. It is almost like temple grounds the way they keep this place up. We have a nice bathroom in our room so that is nice it isn't a community shower. I also got to sleep in till nine which I will probably never get again until I complete my mission.
I only have a minute left to email but I am having a really good time here and I only freaked out in the Atlanta airport for about three seconds. But things are good and I think I will have no choice but to learn Spanish here. I love you all so much and I will write and email you soon!!!!! Love Hermana Welch #1

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