Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm Still Clueless

February 21, 2012

I love the MTC but I hate Spanish.... Well what happened this week....I have been rebelling against the four square revolution in gym time and either playing basketball or running or teaching mi hermanas about p90x yoga.... They have p90x classes in another gym here on campus but none of the girls that I room with want to go with me.... That is frustrating. Well I now know why they don't really want Elders and Hermanas playing sports together.... First of all it is because everyone in the MTC plays basketball and the guys have to sub in other courts because the "stupid hermanas'' are playing basketball today. Second basketball isn't very fun when you can't interfere if an elder has the ball or vice versa, so meaning I have to guard a hermana and the Elders have to guard each other. Well there is this Elder in my district named Elder Patterson. Now... picture the most socially awkward boy you can imagine, and add a slight lisp. He was going for a shot and I smacked the ball out of his hand and I hit the ball down to the ground... Elder Patterson didn't even go for the ball after I hit it out of his reach and he started staggering away and then he mentioned to his companion that he just needs to "walk it off.'' I then realized what I had done and I felt so stupid!!!!! Oh well he hasn't played with the hermanas again.
During TALL lab this week (that is language study lab) my computer wasn't working so Hermana Boyce and I went on exchanges to a different computer lab. I found a BOUNCY BALL at the computer I was sitting at. I find myself constantly playing with this ball and I can't wait till personal time at the end of the day to play with it in my residence hall. (Nick you were right.... I never knew how fun a bouncy ball could really be!!!) Well one night I was bouncing the ball in our room and it was about 9:45 and quiet time isn't till 10:15 and lights out is at 10:30. So I was planning on bouncing that ball for another thirty minutes while talking to the girls in my room. We suddenly hear a knock at the door and I answered it with the bouncy ball still in my hand. Apparently they were the girls below us on the third floor.... They asked if we had heard a thumping, they thought it was a breaker....... For three seconds I almost told them that it probably was just a breaker, (but I don't even know what a breaker is...) then I bounced the ball in the door way to show them what the sound was and said I would stop... Now my personal time stinks...... I HATE ALL DE SISTER MISSIONARIES IN DE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!

I am sure all of you are wondering what ever happened with that sacrament meeting musical number... Well Elder Sales and I practiced again and he changed up the song and made it really reverent.. I was still nervous about his singing though... He never really stopped scooping his high notes. But we were in Sacrament meeting and they announced the two speakers at random and then they announced the closing Presidency speaker... THEY DIDN'T ANNOUNCE OUR SONG!!! After Sacrament meeting was all over I went back to the class room with the Hermanas and Elder Sales was slumped at his desk... Yes it crushed him... Our Zone Leaders are so STUPID!!! When they told me they would handle it I thought they would have at least talked to Elder Sales the song was a no-go.. But they just decided to scratch it from the program without telling the performers... But on top of all that our District President calls on us at random to speak and I didn't prepare a talk because I was suppose to be singing... Luckily he called on Hermana Boyce to talk... That could have been awful!!!! By the way, those talks HAVE to be in Spanish!!!!!!!
Well the MTC is crazy and I only have like nine days left here... hopefully I got my travel papers and I will tell you a little bit more about that in my letter... Well the church is true and the Lord is really helping me here. He has helped me in all of my "pretend lessons" I can actually understand my investigator!!! And I have found that it is possible to get ready within 30 minutes... This church really is true;) hahahaha
Well love
Hermana Welch #1

You might be wondering why I refer to myself as 'Hermana Welch #1'. It started with my brothers and cousins. My oldest brother Jonathan served his mission in Brazil-Fortaleza Mission from October 2000 - October 2002. He was the first of all the Welch cousins to serve, he just signed his name, Elder Welch, but when my cousin Joel served in Resistencion Argentina, he began signing off as Elder Welch #2 and that was the beginning, Tony served next in Chile and was known as Elder Welch #3 then my brother Christopher in Oklahoma, Spanish speaking was #4, my cousin Jake (whose last name is actually Bischoff but we let him join the ranks served as Elder Welch #5 in the Macasomething islands (guam) , My brother's Bradley and Nick were #'s 6 and 7 and last but not least was my cousin Derek, Elder Welch #8!! How awesome is that? My Grandma, Kathleen Welch had all their names engraved on her scriptures, it was pretty sweet but getting kind of crowded. She passed away this last fall. My name isn't engraved on her scriptures but I know its engraved on her heart! So, now you know why I just have to be called Hermana Welch #1. Maybe some of my sister cousins will want to keep up the tradition. You never know!

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