Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The MTC is crazy!!

February 14, 2012
Holy cow, I have learned a couple of things since entering the MTC....
1) I don't know any Spanish
2) I should probably outline my emails before I get online.... This thing times me out in 30 minutes and I can't print off any emails!!!!!!!!! Gahhhh!!!!
3) Four Square is the cool thing to do in the gym....... Since when was four square cool!?!!?!
Well my Spanish classes are a lot harder than I thought that they would be..... I am having a really difficult time with the language and I thought everyone would be at square one with the language just like me.... Well everyone in my class has had a couple of years of Spanish so that really stinks... I am the furthest behind in my classes and it is really discouraging... But things will get better......... i hope....... -_____- I guess i could tell you about some crazy things that have happened to me. One of the girls in my room that I am staying with is Hermana Boyce and she grew up with Elder Gibson who is serving in the singles ward right know!!!! Crazy huh????? I can't believe how many connections I am making with her... ( we have already decided that we are rooming together when we get back to Brideaho.
Our classes our fun though, but my least favorite part about the whole MTC experience is probably teaching our "investigator" (someone who volunteers from BYU and will ONLY SPEAK SPANISH TO YOU!!!) so our first lesson with Breanna didn't go very well. At the end of the lesson we totally spaced how to say "Can we close with a prayer?" in Spanish... so as I am sitting there struggling to think of anything I just burst out laughing and then I contained myself and said again.... ???MI ORACION???? Breanna just stared at me and looked a little shocked...We closed with a prayer and quickly walked out of the classroom...... gahhhhh I know less Spanish than Adalynn knows English!!!!!! But things will get better I am sure.
Well our schedules are so busy here!!!!! We only have THIRTY MINUTES TO GET READY IN THE MORNING... As you all know I like to take my time to get ready for the day.... which translates into at least an hour to an hour and a half.... Well that doesn't happen here and none of my companions wear make-up so they just think I am some spoiled high maintenance brat who can't handle the MTC..... Which isn't true (I have only cried like two times since being here) But it is really hard to get ready that fast and feel good about yourself the rest of the day.
But the craziest thing that has happened to me was probably this Sunday. So Elder Sales asked me to sing a song with him next Sunday, RIGHT AFTER SACRAMENT MEETING. (weird) 1. he has never, ever heard me sing, and 2. he asked me, when he knows that EVERYONE in our district likes to sing. So I said yes and at our practice I realized that he was going to sing AND play the piano while I just sang along awkwardly in the corner. I also didn't realize that he had arranged the hymn, "Be Still My Soul" into a pop version. (which is the equivalent of an EFY song.) So Hermana Smith (my companion) didn't want to sing with us anymore. !. Because she was uncomfortable singing the alto part and 2. ELDER SALES HAD GONE CRAZY!!!!! So as we start to sing I realize this was a HUGE mistake. He sang like he was auditioning for American Idol, he was slurring up to the high notes and messing with the rhythm of the song as well. He was also banging on the piano so loudly it reminded me of an Elton John song. Elder Patterson (Elder Sale's companion) y Hermana Smith y myself all mustered up the courage to inform Elder Sales that this song just..... well....... you know....................................................... isn't that suitable for sacrament meeting. Needless to say Elder Sales didn't get it..... So when our practice was all over I asked some other Elders in my zone where the Zone Leaders were. They looked shocked and everyone was taring at me like I had something on my face. (Hermana Brunsdale and Hermana Wright later informed me that the only time people talk to the zone leaders is when they have morality issues and need to go home.) So I told the Zone Leaders the jist of things and they said they would handle it... Hopefully this doesn't crush Elder Sales, this song probably took him FOR-EV-ER to arrange.
Well I have to go only a couple of minutes left and I want to make sure that this sends....
Love Hermana Welch #1
P.s. I saw Aaron Christensen driving a shuttle when I had to get my toe worked on. Crazy!!!!!!

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