Monday, May 21, 2012

Don't make me eat this!!

Hey family! 
      How are things going this week? Well the week for me has gone by so stinking fast!!! Where has the time gone?  Sometimes I still wake up and think I am going to be in my own bed at home but I hear some chickens clucking and I remember, Jess... You are still in Ecuador!  Then I hear a rooster crow and another rooster crow from across the street. They always have a morning sing off... I wish I had one of dad´s guns here and I could take them out from my kitchen window... But I would probably be sent home because we are not allowed to have guns... so I guess it is a good thing but it is still really annoying.
Some beautiful unidentified fruit!
    In the mornings we also hear people selling vegetables and fruit from their Nacho Libre tricycle/carts.  I still can never understand them they yell whatever fruit they have but they yell it in a "Bring out ye dead!" kind of voice so I never ever understand them.  But this past week Hermana Romero and I bought what we  thought were artichokes from afar, but by the time we flagged down his cart it was some kind of weird fruit.  I didn´t want it so Hermana Romero bought two and let me try one.  The way you eat it it really fun.  You wiggle one of the ridges and you remove the green ridge.  When you do some flesh from the fruit comes with it.  You eat the inside and spit out the seed.. Every time you pull a ridge out of the fruit it looks like a vampire fang.  So that was fun.  
I like to play with my food!

     This week we met a family who I think will really progress in the gospel!  Hermana Romero and I were walking to an appointment and an old man did a little "hiss hiss" sound to us.  We kept walking because all the guys do that down here, but he told us to wait and he came walking up to us and said "Teach me something!"  So that was a pleasant surprise! We taught him a little about the first lesson and invited them all to church on Sunday.  He said he couldn´t go, but his grand daughter could! Wow !  Yeah!  Sure!   We said we would pick her up at 8:30 and she actually came to church!!!! She loved Young Women's and had a really good time.  When we came back to drop her off her Grandfather invited us inside and we taught him a little more.  He then invited us in for lunch.... NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! We already had a lunch appointment... So we had soup and then they gave us rice with a runny egg on top.  As we were finishing our rice his wife brought out these two dried up fish... Skin, bones and tail still on these fish.... I almost started to cry... She asked us if we liked Pescado asado... (barbecued fish)  Uhhh.... No.... She put these two fish right in front of us... Just thinking about eating it made me sick.... 
Well, Not all food is fun to play with!

     The whole time we were talking I was thinking, how am I going to eat this... I just kept thinking back to the Thanksgiving when Chloe and Lily were eating those Sardines out of the can.... I was telling myself... If they can eat it... I can eat it too..... But then that made me think of the Burbs... Well there wasn´t any news paper around so I couldn´t pull the same move as Tom Hanks and blame it on packing dust as I spit out the sardine.  

    I was really going to have to eat this fish......  I was about to put one of the fish on my plate when Hermana Romero kicked my leg and started saying something like, "Thanks but no thanks, we have another lunch appointment and we can´t stay and eat this, but can we take this home?"  These people believed her!!!!!!!  And they packed up the fish and we threw it away!  Wow... she is my HERO!!!!!! But before we threw it away we took a couple of pictures... Hermana Romero said the food in this area is probably the worst she has experienced on her mission and I believe her!  This food is creepy!!! 
Scary, Scary Food!
Sister Romero loves to play with her scary food!

     This Sunday I had to speak in church for about 5 minutes!  Luckily my topic was on missionary work.  I first introduced myself which took about a minute.  I then talked about how I enjoy seeing how many converts there are down here and how they have so much faith and then I talked about the Lamanites in Alma 23:5-6 and how they were converted and never fell away because they were converted to the Lord.  That took about three minutes and then I bore my testimony (yes I cried) which took about another minute.  

     So that wasn´t so hard!  But after I was done I thought to myself as I sat down... Did anyone understand me?  During the rest of church people came up and started congratulating me on my progression in Spanish!  One of the members said something along the lines of "Wow Hermana Welch!  I remember your first week here when you bore your testimony, I couldn´t understand anything you said!  But I could understand everything you said today! "  Haha it was pretty funny but at least my Spanish is progressing!  

    Well that is about all I have for this week.  This church is true and I know that the Book of Mormon can change lives!  I love testifying to these people and feeling the Spirit filling the room!  It is an awesome feeling!  Love you all more than I miss you! 

Love Hermana Welch #1

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