Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

My French Braid!  All by myself!

Well first of all I would like the world to know that I french braided my hair today ALL BY MYSELF!!!! And it looks normal!!! So I am pretty proud of myself!  But I may or may not look like a Polygamist considering the dress I chose to wear today, but it is P-day so I don´t care. I only had to rest my elbows on the sink for a few seconds because my arms got too tired which resulted in a crooked braid, but when I told my companion, "LOOK AT MY HAIR" after it was all done she asked wow... how did you do that?  So I don´t think she was as impressed with my hair as I was... But enough about my hair!    
From the Back!
Well this week Byron got baptized!  That was exciting and I think he is going to stay active in the church!  So that is good!  He is a good kid.  But I was pretty sad, his mom didn´t come to his baptism or confirmation... He was sad about it too and when he bore his testimony he said, "well one day she will be here, but until then I am going to keep coming."  Or at least that is what I think he said...    

Byron's Baptism
The shiny white one on the left is me!!

After sacrament was all over the Young Women´s President stood up and told the mothers of the Young Women to come to the front of the chapel and sit in the first three row.  After everyone moved, the youth presented picture frames that they had painted for their moms.  The youth would say a little something about why they loved their mom and then Brother Antonio would take a picture of the kids and their moms.  After everyone presented their picture frames the Young Women´s President stood up and said thank-you and have a happy mother´s day! 
Uhhhhhhhh.... What about the moms that  have kids who are in the Primary or Young Men's or who don't have kids at all?? They are the ones who need the love.  So South America or I should say Ecuador doesn´t do the "every woman gets chocolate or a rose after Sacrament Meeting" thing.... I felt bad for some of the older women in our ward.... But what can you do?
Mother's Day Lunch
at the Bishop's House!
 After Sacrament we had lunch at the Bishop´s house and they made a special meal for the family since it was mothers day.  First my companion and I sat down and we were talking to the Bishop and then they set down a huge plate of rice and another plate with a little something wrapped in a green leaf... This green pillow was about the size of a standard blue Book of Mormon and about two inches thick.  It was wrapped up all nice but it smelt SUPER fishy...... Uh oh...... 
     After the prayer the family unwrapped all these little green pillows and as I was unwrapping mine, I see  it was some kind of green color with black flecks in it....  the fish smell was overwhelming!!!! It was also jiggly like jello that isn´t set up all the way.... I was immediately reminded of the movie Emperor´s New Groove.  

A new experience!!
When Pacha and Cusco are undercover at the restaurant and they both order those bugs... Well Pacha says, "Here let me get that for you" and opens Cusco´s bug for him--that was almost what happened when I pulled back the banana leaf.... But I wasn´t dramatic or rude and I kept my cool which was difficult!  But they call this  creation Bollo.  It is like a tamale, but not... Tamales are made of corn and usually have chicken or pork... Well Bollo is made from the green hard bananas and since we are on the coast they use fish.  So I worked though the whole thing, spitting out skinny, sharp fish bones the whole time.... 

AND. it was a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY in Ecuador!!! And calling home was not long enough.... 45 minutes.... don´t they know we have a lot to talk about????  I guess not!!!  But I am happy I got to call at least!  Things here are still super HOT and HUMID, but it is starting to cool down at night, so that is really nice.  But the people are starting to complain that it is cold!!! WE were talking to one woman in the ward two nights ago and she had on a jean jacket and jeans and was shivering!!!! I repeat she was shivering!!!!!  Oh bless these people´s hearts... I wish they could experience a Wyoming winter... Now THAT is cold!  But when I complain about the heat they probably think the same thing... Heat???? You don't even know heat!!! So we will see how well I do when summer comes around again! 

 What else could I tell you all..... I have noticed that the people here don´t have cars, they usually drive little motorcycles around.  But it is pretty amazing how many people they can squeeze on one motorcycle!  They put a whole family on and hold on for dear life!!! They also do the same thing with their bicycles.  They put one person on the seat another standing on the pegs and another sitting on the bar of the bike and another sitting on the handle bars... It is a miracle these people live past the age of 15 years old... the dogs... the motorcycles... their LIVES ARE CRAZY!!! But that´s the way they live and they don't even think it is strange! 

Well I love you all so much and I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! The church is true!  Miss you lots and love you more! 
Love Hermana Welch #1


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  1. Oh, how I LOVE YOU!! You may or may not know about the whole Hunger Games braid obsession, but your braid TOTALLY looks like it could have had a part in that movie! You are wonderful and I'm so glad you're a MISSIONARY!!! (Imagine me standing and waving my arms and doing a tap dance while I say that.) LOVE IT, even when you don't. :) Keep up the good work, Sister! :)