Monday, December 17, 2012


Well as you can tell from the title I had transfers!!! This week has been really, really crazy! I feel like this week has lasted a month but in reality it was only five days ago that I got transferred!  But before I get into my email... How are you all doing?  I hope that everything is coming together for Christmas and that you all are going to have a wonderful time together!!! I am so excited to talk to you all this Christmas!  After this call I will only have one Mother`s day call left in the field!!! I cannot believe it!!! The time is flying by... but crawling at the same time! 

Well on Tuesday this week Hermana Paasaca and I were out working and we recieved a call from our Zone Leaders asking us to meet them so that they could get to know our sector... Well we showed them where our house was and where the chapel was and then they told us both that we had transfers... It was CRAZY!!! So that night we packed up our things and we went to the terminal... When I was in the Terminal the Elders told me that there are going to be elders in our area now.  That is kind of weird but the President is switching a lot of things up in the mission. 

Then as I was waiting for my new companion to show up I was just praying the whole time that I was going to get a girl who wants to work and who is also obedient.  Well Hermana Bryan (from the Anthem stake in Las Vegas) and her companion Hermana Diez (who is just finishing up her training) came into the terminal and when the assistants told me that I was going to be with these girls I almost started to cry... Really it was an answer to so many, many, many prayers!  I was so happy!  

Well we traveled to their sector which is in the Duran South Zone and my new ward is also called Duran.  It is in the city but it is quite a bit slower than Guayaquil. Well I had a great time with these amazing missionaries. Hermana Bryan actually finished her mission today. Hermana Diez was transferred also and I have a new companion Hermana Tirado, she is from Peru and the best part is, she is obedient and wants to work!!  I am so excited!!   

But, before I have to go, I just want to write a little bit about my experience with Hermana Bryan and her newly trained companion. She was so inspiring!  Well I have heard only good things about Hermana Bryan my entire mission.  (The only missionaries who had a problem with her were the missionaries who have a problem with everyone.)  But I was actually really surprised with the way that she finished her mission.  She was still following all the rules.  She was waking up on time, she was studying really, really hard and during our weekly planning she even set goals that she wanted to accomplish when she got home the next week. Her companion is brand new in the mission but knows just what she needs to do. So needless to say she had an awesome trainer. (Which was Hermana Bryan!) 

On Sunday, the missionaries (myself included) sang a special musical number, and three families from some of her old wards came to hear her knowing that she was going to finish her mission.  But what was even cooler was the ward she was serving in threw a going away party for her and even more members came from other wards she had served in to wish her goodbye. It was a really special thing for her.  She kept telling me, "This all seems like a lie... I don`t want to go home!"  I just kept thinking to myself...... Man... Can we just trade places!!!! This is hard! I want to spend Christmas with my family!!! But she never said I want to go home!!! She said she was excited to see her family and things like that but I could tell that she would have loved to stay here longer.  

I was just so impressed.  She also gave me a talk titled "The Fourth Missionary" which anyone who is serving the mission or who wants to serve should read!  I was just so happy that I got to spend four days with awesome missionaries who really are giving their best to the lord.  I have some one to look up to and I hope to finish the mission as honorably as she did.  

I have to go... I am sorry that this email is so short.. But we will catch up for Christmas!!! Love you all more than I miss you!!! 
Love Hermana Welch #1

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