Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ten Months!

Well hey family how are you all doing?  I hope that you all are doing really well and that everything is coming together for Christmas!  I am glad that dad was able to get the lights up with Emilee`s help.  Sorry I wasn`t there to help you!  haha but I find that I am more afraid of heights than I was when I was little so I don`t think that I am that much help anyways!  Emilee how was your birthday party!?!  I hope all your friends came and that you had a fun time!  Mom good luck with all the decorating--that is alot of work!  Hopefully you can get it all done before Christmas comes!  

This week went by really well.  We had one investigator come to church!!! We are really struggling to find new people who can progress... So I am just wondering how things are going to be closer to Christmas time.  I can`t imagine things getting harder... But I am sure that things will... It is still getting hotter and hotter and people are saying that things get worse in January and February... So I am really excited for that! (I hope that you can read the sarcasm for that last line there) But back to our investigators.... (We only have like three)   Rosa is the girl who came to church with us.  She has two little girls who are terrible!!! During the Sacrament Meeting we had our hands full because Rosa decided to take a nap during the whole meeting so that was a little stressful.  I don`t think that her little girls have ever had to sit still in their entire lives.  

But I was actually pretty sad that I was battling with two little gremlins during the whole meeting because when Hermano Macias spoke (Our recent convert) the two tornadoes had to go to the bathroom.  When we came back from the bathroom Hermano Macias was just closing his talk.... I was so sad that I missed it.  Also the Stake Presidency was in our ward!  And they all spoke to us... But I couldn`t hear them over Rosa`s little girls... I don`t remember being that horrible in Sacrament meeting and if I was I am apologizing right now because it was the longest hour and fifteen minutes that I have had in a long time. Rosa only stayed for the first two blocks and left before Relief Society...  We walked her part of the way home and she made it clear to us that she is not coming again.  She mentioned that "I only came because I promised you guys last week"  So we will see what happens when we visit her again.  

We also found a new investigator this past week her name is Elsi and she is really nice.  She is about 40 years old and when we introduced the Book of Mormon to her she seemed really excited.  When we went back for our follow up visit with her she actually read the chapter we had assigned her. (That is something that doesn`t happen very often)  But she understood the chapter and said that she knew that the book was from God and that she believed that the book was true!  Well we extended a baptismal date to her at the end of our lesson and she told us that she had already been baptised.  We then explained the Restoration to her again and invited her again, stressing the Priesthood authority part and she still didn`t seem to want to accept our invitation.  

Well when we went back to see her the next time she seemed really disinterested.  Even though she was still really nice, I could tell that she wasn`t that animated about being with us.  She wasn`t asking questions and honestly she wasn`t even paying attention.... That was a bummer.... Sometimes I just get my hopes up and think that people are just going to read and pray and realize that what we are saying is true!!! But not very many people put our invitation to read and pray to the test... So they never find the answers that they are supposedly looking for.  I just hope that we find someone soon who really wants to hear our message.... 

This last week we got to go to the Temple!!! It was awesome!  The temple here is gorgeous (not as pretty as Las Vegas... but then again I am pretty biased).  But the session was really nice and it was just what I needed.  And what was even cooler was I understood EVERYTHING!!! When I went  to the Peru Temple on P-days in the CCM and I just dreaded it because I didn`t understand anything and it was so stressful!!! But this time it was peaceful and I really had an enjoyable time.  Our President and his wife were with us during the session and afterwards we had a "Christmas Conference."

I put "Christmas Conference" in quotes because it was just like any other conference that we have had.... The president talked about obedience and I was waiting for some Christmas message and it never came.  He talked about the rules that we as missionaries are not following and that we need to do better... I was actually really surprised... There was not too much "Christmas cheer" in the room.  After our President talked to us we had lunch and when we came back from lunch the zones that were there preformed their Christmas presentations. 

There were only three zones present and the other two zones only had Elders.  They both sang Christmas hymns with Santa hats and called it good.  Our zone was a little more creative and we had a little skit planned.  Two elders acting as father and son were sitting together and the father was reading a bedtime story to his son.  The bed time story was about the reindeer helping Santa get ready for Christmas.  All of the rest of us were reindeer and we all jumped into the room when he called our names doing something funny according to the name we had.  Then in walked Santa and we sang a Primary Christmas song and then we all left the room to deliver the presents leaving the father and son on stage alone again.  The father discovered that his son was sleeping and carried him out of the room wishing a Merry Christmas to everyone.  I know that our skit seems so lame but it was actually a big hit.  I was surprised how hard everyone was laughing, but as missionaries everything seems ten times funnier because we don`t have much diversion in the field.  So when we get together it is a blast!  Haha 

I was a little sad that I didn`t see any of my friends from my old zone.  I was also really sad that I didn`t see Hermana Romero, my first companion,  she and I are really good friends and I would have liked to see her.  But it was fun and I am glad that we got to go to the Temple!! I won`t be able to go again till I complete my mission, so it was a great Christmas gift!!! 

I am really grateful that I have this opportunity to be a missionary.  Not only am I in a different country learning about different cultures, but I am on the Lord`s errand.  I am so grateful for all the gifts and talents that God has blessed me with during these short ten months as a missionary. He really has blessed me so much to be able to complete the tasks that are placed before me as a missionary.  I am so grateful for the Gospel and the blessings that we recieve when we are faithful to Gods commandments.  I am so grateful for this Christmas season and how it brings us all a little closer to Christ.  Even though people are not willing to listen to our message they know that this time of year is special and are celebrating His perfect life.  

I love you all more than I miss you! 
Love Hermana Welch #1 (Jess)

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