Monday, December 3, 2012

Chugging Along...

Hey family!!! 

Well this week went by super duper fast!!! Sometimes I just don`t know where the time goes in the mission... But as we flip through our six week agendas I just can`t believe that this transfer is almost over! We only have two weeks left and transfers come!  My companion and I are doing better, we are communicating, but we still don`t have investigators... So we are working on it!  

At our District meeting this week we got some really really good news.  What happened was... At the beginning of each month our Zone Leaders always have a reunion with the whole zone and they talk about the monthly goal that we had the last month and if we actually reached our goal and if we didn`t they give us some sermon trying to motivate us to try harder the next month.  Well--sadly the zone didn`t reach our monthly goal last month so after a little motivation the elders started talking about the things that we need to be doing a little better.  

While they were talking they then turned around the white board they were using and it showed the whole zone`s numbers, ("The numbers" meaning our goals and what we actually achieved.)  But they put up our numbers for the past three months.  They then explained how they put up the numbers on the chart.  They said that they put up the numbers in order of who is actually achieving what goals are being set.  So the missionaries who are doing the best are on the top and the missionaries who are not having baptisms are at the bottom... And surprisingly at the top of the list was Barrio Guayacanas.... Meaning Hermana Paasaca and I are actually at the top of our zone!!!!! I was so shocked looking for our names at the bottom of the list but there we were at the top... I couldn`t believe it!!!  I don`t know with all the phone calls from our leaders, "Hermanas... what are you doing with your zone? Why are you guys not doing this or that?"  It kind of made me think that we were not doing well at all.... So I am quite a bit happier with this bit of information. 

This week we are still working really hard and looking for new people to teach because everyone we have is not progressing..... It is so frustrating sometimes.  We have been teaching two ladies who seemed really interested at first.  They let us in to teach them and everything was going well... They even accepted baptismal dates for the 8th of this month.... Well guess what, when it was time for their baptismal interview... They both decided not to answer their phones and when we went to their house to go pick them up they didn`t come to the door either.  (Here in South America it is really easy to tell when people are home... Their windows are always open because it is so hot down here... And guess what they both were home but refused to come to the door.)  So they didn`t come to the baptismal interview.... 

And long story short... Their baptismal dates fell because they are now not responding to our phone calls.... Sometimes I just want to tell people, "If you are not interested in our message.... Can you just let us know so that we will stop bothering you?... Thanks..." But I guess people don`t know how to say thanks... but no thanks... And I also think that they don`t want to hurt our feelings either.  But when we call Hermana Rosa and she makes her 5 year old daughter answer her cell phone telling us, "My mom isn`t here she went to my aunts house."  But as her 5 year old daughter is talking we can her Rosa in the background saying, "Tell them I am not here!!!"  Is just a little frustrating.... just a little... haha Oh well.  

What else happened this week. . . OH I ALMOST FORGOT!!!  Well in our district meeting we also were told that we have a Christmas party this Tuesday, (tomorrow) and we get to go to the Temple!!! I am so excited!!! We also get to call through Skype!!! So I will actually get to see your faces!!!!!! Hahaha!!! I am so happy/excited/feliz/emocionada/yay!!! So I get to talk to you all!!!! I can`t believe it!!! Hopefully a cyber will be open on Christmas day!!! Who knows!!! I will have to work out a time with you all so that I can talk! 

Also this week we have had some pretty interesting lunch appointments.... This week it seemed like all of the members that we had lunch scheduled with forgot about us.  So we either had to wait around for lunch or call our Relief Society president telling her what happened.  But on Friday we were eating at the members house that I told you about with the dogs and their house smells like dog... Well if you don`t remember all you need to know is that they have two big dogs and their house smells really bad.  Well when my companion and I entered the house we were greeting their daughter who is 19 years old and as my companion entered the house their big Dalmatian dog ran up and bit her on the arm!!!!! 

It all happened so fast that we all ended up screaming and Racquel (their daughter) yelled at the dog to try to scare him away.  But as I was watching her she was just as scared of the dog as we were!  I was just thinking... Why did you let us in your house when the dogs are not locked up and WHY DO YOU HAVE A DOG LIKE THAT????? Well the dog didn`t sink his teeth into my companions skin he just left a bruise on her arm.  We then asked, "Hey does your dog have rabies?... Or does my companion have to go to the hospital now?.... That would be really bad if my companion died from rabies on her mission... The members assured us that the dog had his shots and that there was no need to worry.  So we ate lunch in semi-peace picking dog hair out of our food the whole time.  So that was a little too much excitement ... If you ask me. 

Also I ate crab down here in Ecuador for the first time.  I actually don`t know why I ate it because we are not alowed to eat seafood in our zone... But when non members offer us food it is really hard to say, "uhhh we can`t eat that...."     "Why?"    "Because we are not allowed...."  It just sounds like we are lying and people are usually offended... So we accepted the two crabs that our neigbor cooked for us.  But as we were eating this crab it was dirty!!! As we were cracking open the shells I noticed that there was actually quite a bit of dirt and sand still stuck in the shell... I even cracked open the claws and the meat had disinigrated and a purple/brownish juice spilled out.... YUCK!!! I didn`t eat anymore... And luckily I didn`t die from the seafood that I am not allowed to eat.  Haha

Well I can`t think of much more to write but I think I should end by wishing Emilee a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can`t believe that you are 11 years old.  From your pictures you are a much goovier kid than I ever was.  But don`t grow up too fast, Elementary school is the best because when you get to middle school there is no playground.  (That was quite a shocker for me when I quickly finished my lunch and ran out side.... What kind of place is this!?! No playground!!!)  But Emilee, I miss you and hope that you have a wonderful, happy birthday!  You will get a present from me next year!  haha 

Well I know that this church is true and I am so grateful that we are all a part of it.  I got the best news last week.  I got a picture from one of my investigators in my old ward in Libertad... Their names are Flora and Marco... If you all remember she is the woman who couldn`t see and needed glasses and when we went to teach her again she had read the Book of Mormon until 3 Nephi!!!! Well I got a photo of her and Marco all dressed in white at their baptism.... As soon as I saw the picture, tears of joy fell down my cheeks.... I love this work!... Marco was a drunk when we met him and he and Flora got married and changed their lives with the help of the Gospel.... This is what it is all about.  Coming to Christ and letting him change your life for the better.  This church is true, the blessings are real, and the sacrifices are worth it... 

Love you all more than I miss you 
Love Hermana Welch #1 (Jess) 

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