Monday, April 15, 2013

General Conference Fiestas!!

Hey family!  
   How is everything going? From your emails it sounds like things are going great!  And yes I agree General Conference was just so awesome!  It is like the Superbowl for us as missionaries!  Not only do we get to sit down and watch something, but we get to hear from our Prophet!  My favorite talk was from President Monson.  His talk on obedience really was just for me.  I have been dragging my feet obeying some of the mission rules and justifying on how that rule is only for "some" missionaries but I am not included in that category... He made me realize that we need to keep doing our best no matter what rule or commandment it may be. 

  I also really liked Sister Dalton´s talk as well.  "What e´re thou art act well thy part"  I have been kind of grumpy the last couple of weeks.  It is hard being a missionary in the first place but when you are working with a new missionary it makes the job that much harder. I am trying to teach her how to work, but sometimes she doesn't seem to want to learn... We haven´t really been getting that much support from the ward and I am kind of sick of asking people to help us out.  So Sister Dalton made me realize that I need to suck it up and deal with it... But deal with it while smiling!  ha ha!!  That is still a work in progress.  I kind of forgot that it was about time for her and her counselors to get released... It is always sad when the callings change... But you learn to love the next ones called and it is all great in the end. 

  One thing that I still am not used to is the translations on top of the voices of the apostles and our Prophet.  I am just so used to their voices and it is annoying when you have a translation on top of your first language.  They really deliver their talks with so much passion and love and the translations always fall short.  But I am glad that the whole world can listen to our Prophet´s message in their own language, it is such a blessing.  Our church really is growing and I am still in awe at how many youth are putting in their papers and wanting to serve the Lord!  It is awesome!

From your emails last week it made me realize that I am forgetting ALOT!  When mom and dad were explaining what food you had for  Easter Dinner and telling me what kind of spices you used and cooked with my mind was completely blank... Tarragon??? Fennel??? Arugula??? Prosciutto??? Did I once know what that food was or are you all using different spices... Or am I turning into an uncultured swine down here?  Reading those emails again made me realize that I have been gone for a LONG LONG time. Today I completed my 14 month mark... If that isn´t a long time... I don´t know what is!!! 

Well I have to go... The hour for our emailing time is always so short.... There is never enough time.  So I will close with my testimony.  I know that this church is true... I know that we have a living Prophet on the earth today and that he leads and guides us.  I am so grateful to be a missionary and teach and testify about this great gospel all day long.  This work is literally a miracle!  If you think about it... Sending out 18 and 19 year old kids out to preach the gospel is crazy... But the church is true and the Lord trusts us.  I love you all so much more than I miss you!!! 

Love Hermana Welch (Jess)
Alma 26:35 Now have we not reason to rejoice? Yea, I say unto you, there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we, since the world began; yea, and my joy is carried away, even unto boasting in my God...

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