Monday, April 15, 2013

Presidente?.?. Hola?

 Well how are you all doing this wonderful Monday afternoon?  Things for me are just fine.  The weeks just keep on going and going and going because this week I completed my 14 month mark.  It is weird hearing people say, "Falta poco" (lack a little, or just a little left) about my time here on the mission. It is pretty cool, but weird at the same time.  Especially when I hear myself saying to my companion, "The time goes by so fast." When that thought leaves my mouth I just think.... Did I really just say that?  But it`s true, sometimes the days seem like weeks and then other days they seem like hours.  But I prefer to tell her the upside of things ha ha. 

     This morning we went to the Historical Park.  This park has a zoo and we have heard from quite a few people that it is a really neat place.  Well, we have to call and ask for permission to go to this area.  It is always a little scary calling the president.  Because...
1-The phone call is in Spanish and talking on the phone in a second language is always more difficult than talking in person. 
2- Sometimes the President isn`t always in the best mood when we call. 
Having that information in mind when I called the President it was last Sunday night at around 9:40 at night.  He answered and I said 'hi' and nervously asked if my companion and I could go to the Historical Park.  He then asked me if I had been to the park before and I replied saying, 'no'... Well then there was a grand silence.... I started saying... Hola? Hola?  Uhhhh.... Presidente?  No escucho.  Then I walked into another room in our house and I heard his voice very faintly but I couldn`t hear very well..... and then he hung up on me. 

      Well we also have a rule in the mission, 
3- you can only call the president one time if it is not an emergency.  Two times if you or your companion is really sick and needs medical attention right away.  Three times if your companion ran away. Four times if you or your companion died. So.... I, like a smarty pants called him one more time because the call "dropped."  Well, he didn`t answer me a second time. 
So, we thought we would try again this week.  My companion called him last night and he answered and when she asked if we could go to the Historical Park again he kind of got a little touchy and said, "No, you two went last week!"  My companion explained what happened on our end of the phone call and so he gave us permission to go.  So all excited about going to the zoo we went to bed early and got up super early to clean the whole house and then we left early in a taxi.  

     Well when we got to the park it was awfully lonely... There were only two cars outside.  Well we walked inside and there was no one there we hollered and called and finally a woman came out with a mean look on her face and rudely told us that the park was closed..... .....what?..... Closed... how can this be? So we disappointingly turned around and went to the mall. The stupid park is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.... So I will never get to go. 

     What else happened this week. We had a baptism. We have been teaching a family for a while now and the problem is Jovanna and Fransisco are not married, so Jovanna cannot get baptised.  She is 58 years old and she has been coming to church with us for five weeks now.  She also brought her granddaughter along to church a couple of times.  So we baptized her granddaughter. Hows that for lucky?  Hopefully we can encourage Fransisco to marry the woman he has been living with for more than 30 years!!!!! 

     I am sorry I just don`t get the whole, "We don`t want to get married" excuse.... What is it people... What is it?  Tell me I am willing to listen and understand, but why don`t you want to get married?  You have a family and you have been together more than enough time to test the waters.  I guess I will never understand. . .

Well I gtg, I love you all and I know that the Church is true.  I love this work even though sometimes it is a little tough.  But it is good to have a challenge once in a while.  :)

Love you more than I miss you!  
Love Hermana Welch #1 (jess) 

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