Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We are only human!!

Well hey family!  

How are you all doing?  Things here for me are going along just smoothy!  I am developing a lot of patience this week... Just when I think I have got the patience thing down.... I feel like everyone just wants to try Hermana Welch`s patience today... It`s really nice. 

This week we have been looking for more people to teach, the few that we have are not really progressing like we would like them too... But that is okay we just need to work a little harder with them so that they can start working with us.  

Well we have been working with a guy who`s name is Sergio.  He is 21 years old and is a really great guy.  He lives with his mother and his sister.  When we first met him he told us that his dad had died about two years ago and we have been teaching him all about the Plan of Salvation.  He seemed to be drinking it all up and loving it all until we scheduled a lesson for Saturday.  Just when we were about to head over to his house we called and mentioned that we were running a little behind and would be there fifteen minutes after our scheduled appointment date.  

Well his sister answered the phone and told us that Sergio had just left with one of his friends. Well GREAT! So we debated and debated whether we should just go over to his house or not and finally we started walking to his house.  When we got there his sister looked at us like, "Uhhh what are you two doing here?"  It was a little bit disconcerting.  But we invited her to church and she said that she would coordinate with Sergio to come to church with us...  

Well long story short she never coordinated and when we called them on Sunday in the afternoon his sister once again answered the phone and when she told Sergio we were on the phone she informed us that he didn`t want to come out of his room to answer the call    -___-

Man does that make me want to cry when people just loose interest for whatever reason and refuse to even talk to us... We are praying and hoping that Sergio is still willing to listen to us and that he was just in a bad mood that day.  

Well right after we got that bit of sad news we had to go to the chapel because we had a ward activity.  As we were on our way to the chapel my companion said in a joking tone... I bet that our ward mission leader hasn`t even planned anything.  And lo and behold... she was right. 

When we got to the chapel there was no one there and our ward mission leader showed up 20 minutes late and the members started trickling in... The only members that showed up were the ones we called practically begging them to come and join us and our ONE investigator that was there. 

The first thing that our ward mission leader told my companion and I to do was to organize the agenda and we both looked at him with a look of surprise because he had a whole week to plan and coordinate everything.  Well we put our names down to give little spiritual thoughts and we also put our ward mission leaders name down.  

When we showed him the agenda he saw his name down to participate and he said, "Noooo" in the most outraged tone ever.  We then mentioned that it was just a spiritual thought.  He got even more upset and rudely said, "No! I am not giving a talk." Then my companion said, "Well then we are not either... You should be the one who has this all figured out.  You can give the only talk."  

Our ward mission leader gave a haughty laugh and said, "yeah.. we`ll see" I was actually really embarrassed because we were in a room with a bunch of members and my companion is popping off.  I just wanted to say.... "Heyyy... we are missionaries... we have to be nice!!!  But I kept quiet."  

As our ward mission leader was then directing the meeting he announced that Hermana Orihuela would give the first and only talk followed by testimonies of other brethren that were there. My companion got all red in the face and flustered and delivered a small talk but during her whole talk she was kind of reaming the members and telling them that they have to help us more with missionary work.  It just wasn`t done in that great of a spirit.   I am continuing to try and keep it all cool. 

Oh funny story.  I have to make this quick... Well as we were teaching our new convert Fernando he had a friend over.  I think his friend has some kind of nervous problems because he has lots of nervous ticks... His nervous ticks made a really interesting lesson for us.  As we started to sing the first hymn to start the lesson Frank took off his tennis shoe and with his white sock he would stomp hitting his heel on the floor like five times in a row and then he would stop and put his foot back in his shoe and then shake his hands like he had Parkinson's... It was just a little scary, and when ever my companion would talk or read a verse from the scriptures he would start shaking even more or pound his foot even harder on the ground...
I just kept thinking "WE ARE TEACHING A CRAZY PERSON!!!!" but I managed to finish the lesson without bursting out laughing or anything like that... All though I was on the verge. 

Well sorry that this email was a downer, heck I only have like 26 days left!!! Even though some weeks like this one was really tough, I love this work!  I just love what I do and the fact that this is all coming to an end so soon is bitter sweet.  I know that this church is true and I know that if we are faithful and obedient we will be blessed. 

A shout out to my cousin Kurk who will be joining me in the work pretty soon!!! Good luck with everything!!! 
Kurk is entering the MTC on Wednesday!  He is going to TURKEY!!

 I love you all more than I miss you!!!

Love Hermana Welch #1 (Jess) 

P.S. sorry no pictures this week... i forgot my camera-__-

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