Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The End is Near

Hey family!
Well how are you all doing??? I am really in a different world... I can`t believe that the time keeps flying by... Just when I feel like I have got everything down I have to get ready to leave... It isn`t really fair... But that is how life goes!  Just when we feel like we have gotten things down they release us from a calling, or we finish the class that we were taking or whatever it is... We have got to move on. When people ask me how long I have in the mission... I really don`t like to tell them that I am going home really soon... It makes me feel really bad... Mom and Dad we have to come back!!!! 

Well what else... My companion completed 2 months today in the field... I asked her how she felt this morning as I saw her flip her month counter chart that I made her and she looked at me and said... -normal- ... Yeah.. I guess that`s kind of how the mission goes for the first months we feel like the time is just dragging along and for me I would like to slow down reality a little bit more.. 

Well today we went to the Malecon... It is like a huge walk way on the River Guayas that is here in Guayaquil.  It was kinda fun haha!  And when you are talking to your companion it makes it GREAT!!  I could see my old area from the walkway and It brought back many many memories of Good Old Duran... the ward that I served in for five months that is just across the river.  I almost started to cry thinking that I can`t personally say goodbye to those amazing people before I leave.  

Here we are en el malecon.  You can see Duran in the far left!! Ja Ja!

This P-day and the past three P-days I have been writing letters to ALL of my converts and sending a picture and it is a lot of work.  But it is bringing back many many memories of the wonderful people that I have gotten to know here.  It just makes me realize that God loves ALL of His children.  Because many of the  letters that I have written have made me cry just thinking... When am I going to see them again!  

I don`t know if I told you guys but last week my poor companion was having a bad week.  I would find her really quiet at times and at other times I felt like she was giving me the silent treatment.  Well when we were in church we had just finished teaching our Gospel Principals class because our Ward Mission Leader was M.I.A for the third Sunday in a row.  As we finished the class one of our investigators asked my companion what was wrong.  (I had already asked her that like six times during the weekend but she didn`t seem to want to respond so I stopped bothering her with the same question.) After the investigator asked her what was wrong she opened up to the whole class and said that she was having problems at home.  

I was offended at first that she wasn`t opening up to me and that she spilt to the whole class what her problem was... but I was grateful at the same time because if he wouldn`t have asked her I don`t think I would have ever found out what was happening to her.  Her mother left home right before she came on her mission and I am sure that it is really bothering her not having the support of her mother during the two months she has been out here.  Her father has also stopped going to church and now her siblings are not going either.  It really broke my heart just thinking about how unfair life is!!! Here I am coming from one of the best families in the world and I find myself crying over little things that don`t matter or complaining because the email wasn`t long enough.... But I really have the best support system anyone could ask for.  Thanks for your examples and for your prayers.... I know that the Lord is helping everyone of his missionaries and he blesses the families that send the missionaries as well.  

I have just stopped to think about the blessings that you all have received while I have been gone... And there are a lot to be mentioned... But top on my list is Taylor.   I don`t know if you all have realized it... But in almost every email that you all have sent me you have mentioned that Taylor is talking so much better... I just can`t wait to get home and hear her talk to me.  I have prayed for her for a long time and I know that my prayers are being answered... I just hope that you all are recognizing the blessings that the Lord is sending our way.  

I know that he has blessed me so much during my service as a missionary... I just wish I had the time to tell you all of the blessings I have received!!! I know that my life has been changed forever and I will never ever regret answering the call to serve. 

Love you all so much!!! See you soon!!! 

Love Hermana Welch #1 (Jess)

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