Monday, August 12, 2013

This is IT!!!! or...Dreams really do come True!!

Well... I don`t know what I should be feeling right now... but I am feeling it... I am coming home in no time!!! I honestly can`t believe that this is it!  Seeing mom`s email that says: 'nine days!'  just makes my head spin... I feel like I have been gone FOR-EV-ER and I have imagined and dreamed about this coming week for a long time.... I just hope that the plane doesn`t crash!  ha ha

This week was pretty good.  I completed my 18 month mark in the field and on Thursday morning I saw a card on my desk and my month counter was flipped to the last one!  My companion made a card that just said,  thanks for being her companion and she said that she has learned a lot from me.. I just hope that`s true... I feel like I make so many mistakes that I don`t even know what she could possibly learn from me.  We're still alive... that`s all I can say! ha ha

Ummm This week went by really fast I am trying to remember the things that happened but my mind has just gone blank! Oh yes I remember a couple of things. We had interchanges this week I got to go with a new sister her name is Sister Perez... No she is not my old companion she only has like 8 weeks in the field and she is from Mesa.  She is really cute and funny.  

My companion and I got a call Thursday night saying that we were going to have interchanges and that we had to be in the stake center tomorrow at 12 in the afternoon so my companion freaked out after we got that phone call but in the end it was really fun having the interchange.  Hermana Perez and I stayed up till about 1 in the morning just talking and talking and talking.  She told me about how she joined the church and how no one else in her family is a member of the church.  She said that the first month of her mission was really difficult because her family didn`t really understand why she was here and what she was doing.  She said that her siblings and her parents sent her quite a few emails saying things like, "If you come home, it`s okay... We won`t judge you for it."  And she said she was really close to going home.  That made me feel bad, but happy that she didn't!  

But, we had fun and in the morning she asked me if I would help her study how to teach the Plan of Salvation.  As I was talking and explaining with the scriptures that I use, she was just writing it all down... I don`t really think the way I teach is that great but just thinking of how far I have come from where I started really makes me realize that the Lord has helped me out so much (D&C 84:80).  

This past week I was thinking about many of the people that I have gotten to know and how much I am going to miss them.  I was re-reading one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon, Alma 26, and I came across three verses that really touched me-

"And we have suffered all manner of afflictions, and all this, that perhaps we might be the means of saving some soul; and we supposed that our joy would be full if perhaps we could be the means of saving some,
"Now behold, we can look forth and see the fruits of our labors and are they few? I say unto you, Nay, they are many...
"Now have we not reason to rejoice? Yea, I say unto you, there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we, since the world began; yea, and as my joy is carried away, even unto boasting in my God; for he has all power, all wisdom, and all understanding, he comprehendeth all things, and he is a merciful Being, even unto salvaion, to those who will repent and believe on his name...

I just love those scriptures and that it mentions that Alma and his brethern suffered.... Missionary work isn`t for sissys and I am not going to lie and say I loved every single second of my mission... But I will say that it was worth it and all of the ups and downs really have shaped me into a better person.  Anyone who is thinking about serving a mission and is kind of dragging their feet just pray about it and talk to your Bishop and before you know it you will be out in the field. Because it`s the best thing you can do, not only for the Lord but for yourself as well.  

I know that the Church is true... I know that Joseph Smith restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ back on the earth and we have a living prophet on the earth today. I know that Christ lives and He loves us.  I know that He died for us and He rose again so that we can have a way to return home to our Heavenly Father.  I am so grateful for Him and His sacrifice for me.  His mission on earth was His whole life and He never complained and He never ever stopped doing the Lord`s will.  I am trying to be more like Him.

I love this work and I am so happy that I answered the call to serve. 

I love you all more than I miss you... I will see you soon!  (I mean it!!)

Love Hermana Welch #1 (Jess)

P.S. sorry my camera didn`t work... i had to have my companion email me a couple of pictures-__- she didn`t have pretty ones.
Crazy Sisters!!


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  1. Would love to hear about Ecuador. This will be my mission next month.